9 Horror Movie References You Never Noticed In Anime

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Anime News – 9 Horror Movie References You Never Noticed In Anime

Halloween is the perfect season for sitting back, relaxing with a warm beverage, and watching some scary movies. But maybe you’re not into horror, or perhaps you’ve run out of horror movies to watch on repeat and want something new. Or maybe you’re just someone who wants to sit around and watch anime all the time and, since its October, you want to at least get in the mood with some spooky Japanese cartoons.

Well you’re in luck my fellow otaku, because I have for you this handy list of nine times anime have referenced your favorite horror movies. But we’re not just listing nine anime influenced by horror movies, oh no, these are nine references you may not have caught or realized on first viewing.

Some might be throwaway gags you didn’t notice, some might be backgrounds that skittered past too quickly to realize, or it may just be a plot point you didn’t pick up on.

So, sure, Another is just a brutal anime version of Final Destination and Zombie Land Saga has a zombified dog named Romero. But those are obvious, here’s some slightly more subtle examples.

Source: HAO

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