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Vinland Saga Releases Assassin’s Creed Crossover Manga

Anime News Vinland Saga Releases Assassin’s Creed Crossover Manga Vinland Saga has kept fans on edge ever since its first season ended, but Thorfin has found other ways to keep followers in line. While his next big venture awaits him, the crew of Vinland Saga are preparing for a special crossover that will bring them […]

Inazuma Eleven SD Anime Game Shuts Down on Dec 01

Game News The official website for the Inazuma Eleven franchise’s Inazuma Eleven SD anime game announced on Monday that the game will shut down on Dec 01, 2020. The game’s accompanying anime series – Inazuma Eleven: Ares no Tenbin premiered on April 2018. In the story of both the anime and the game, protagonist Asuto Inamori’s soccer club is disbanded after the school’s soccer […]

Alice Gear Aegis Game Gets Video Anime Summer 2021

Game News An official website opened on Monday to announce that COLOPL‘s Alice Gear Aegis game is getting an new video Anime OVA adaptation. The OVA is slated to debut around summer 2021. The OVA will be available in three versions with a separate ending for each of the three characters. The 3D mecha shooting game features character supervision and designs by Humikane Shimada  […]

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